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Welcome to the Law Office

of Philip L. Marcus

If you have a small business, I can help you to a successful business.  I have three things I focus on.  One is being 'general legal counsel' for small and solo businesses (but only for folks in Maryland, sorry, license issue everywhere else).  

Another is intellectual property -- mostly copyright and trademark legal problems, opportunities, protection, somebody else stealing yours, etc. Finally, I help small and solo businesses negotiate their tough and most important deals, the ones that keep them up at night.

Working with small business owners and managers for almost 40 years, I know that steady positive cash flow depends on just a few things, well-negotiated deals and well-written agreements that protect the business while not turning off customers and suppliers.

And most of the asset value of a small business lies in the intellectual property it creates

*  the patentable inventions;

*  the various copyright materials it creates and whether it acts to protects them;

*  the trademarks and trade names it uses to mark its brand, and whether it shields them;

*   the trade secrets such as recipes and business methods it develops and guards.

So I am here to ensure effective negotiation of your deals, by representing you, advising you and training your people.  And I well review or write your form contracts so they protect your business from disputes, unexpected obligations and bad debts.    

I am here to help you decide the pros and cons of being a sole proprietorship, a partnership, an LLC, an Inc, etc.--taxes, liability, and so on--in the context of your specific business needs--not by just filling in downloaded forms.

I am Phil Marcus, attorney, MIT graduate in engineering, long-time business owner, and expert in negotiation, finance, employment and intellectual property.  How can I help you?

I have had experience over almost 40 years with almost every kind of business, including:

  • IT and other technology-based.,
  • Life and health insurance.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Government contracting.
  • Non-profit charity
  • High-end retail.
  • Private investigation.
  • Small-loan and real estate loan offices.
  • Wine-making.
  • Auto repair.

    Your initial phone consultation to see if I can help you is Free.  Call 410-292-6989 or Skype™ NegotiationPro

Negotiating Opportunities

Imagine your company has the biggest opportunity it has ever had, if only you can bargain for a great deal with another company.

You are anxious about either scaring off the other company, or leaving money on the table, or just not all that comfortable bargaining.  You think you should hire a professional to do that and get a good deal for you. Contact Phil Marcus,  the Negotiation Pro.


What if your business is embroiled in a dispute with another company, and is already in court or threatened with a lawsuit, or you think you will need to sue. Paying for litigation—lawyers and expert witnesses—is very expensive. The deposit with the lawyer could easily be $5000 to $15,000 or more.   I as a professional may be able to negotiate a resolution without going to court.   Hire the Negotiation Pro

Intellectual Property

You think you might own some valuable intellectual property, created by you or your business.  But it’s all very confusing: patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade names, service marks, trade secrets/proprietary information, domain names.  Which if any I.P. do you have? Do you have to register it? At what cost? How do you keep it, and for how long?  How do you protect it? You need my comprehensive professional legal advice on I.P. Law and protection

All the rest of the problems I can help you with

You have employees and independent consultants.  You have clients or customers.  You have bankers and other lenders.  All these and other relationships can cause you pain.  As a long-experienced lawyer who has also run his own (non-law) small business and delved into finance, I can also help with many other types of problems and possibilities, before they endanger your business, while you can profit.

Informative Articles

Read many articles to get good ideas on ownership terms, negotiation, inventions, I.P., etc.  Or call (410-292-6989) or write me at Chessboard [at] NegotiationPro.com) to sign up for my Free Monthly Newsletter of interesting and useful ideas.

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Some services limited to Maryland businesses and residents. 
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Often enough, a small amount of a consultant's time employed before  a transaction will save a great deal of expensive professional's time and your emotional or financial pain after the transaction turns bad because it was done wrong by someone with great learning and skill in some other profession.


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Your initial phone consultation to see if I can help you is Free. Call 410-292-6989

Your initial phone consultation 

to see if I can help your is Free. Call 410-292-6989 or Skype™ NegotiationPro

Your initial phone consultation is Free. Call 410-292-6989 or Skype™ NegotiationPro 

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